A creative and innovative company Mecana will always face the challenges raised in the industrial and municipal wastewater treatment sector. With proprietary technologies and patents, the company is a pioneer in the field of wastewater treatment.

Mecana’s Engineers plan and build new installations and customize refurbishment or extensions of existing systems in industrial and municipal applications. Other special pioneering achievements are solids separation from road run-off wastewater treatment plants (SABA), final filtration as a tertiary purification step prior to UV disinfection, quaternary treatment for micro-pollutants removal and a low phosporous treatment.

Pile Cloth Media Filtration

The pile fibres used in this patented process are comparable in their structure to an animal fur. During filtration the individual pile fibres lie flat to form a dense and effective barrier to suspended solids. During backwash, the fibers briefly stand vertically inside the suction header, so that the retained solids are easily removed.

By using the filtration capabilities of the very fine fibres in the unique pile cloth media, very high particle separation efficiencies are achieved while operating at high hydraulic loading rates, handling high solids loading events and producing low washwater volumes.