Logical Waste offers detailed process modelling for biogas plants across all sectors. We model the complete flow of material through the plant which in turn allows us to optimise the plant so that efficiency and profitability is maximised.

Detailed process modelling enables accurate plant design and reduces development cost, it also confirms the suitability of the biogas plant feedstock and ensures that the plant receives an optimal mix of substrates to perform as per design. In addition, material handling options are also taken into account and a piping and instruments diagram (P&ID) and load list can be developed – this ultimately results in a better understanding of the proposed plant’s operational requirements.

Depending on the client’s requirements, modelling can be extended to include additional information such as mass balances, right through to full plant process design.

Logical Waste is happy to discuss the desired scope of the modelling, and tailor to suit the expectation and budget of the respective client.