Logical Waste offers a benchtop Volatile Fatty Acid analyser capable of performing an automated titration to establish VFA, alkalinity and the VFA/Alkalinity ration of an anaerobic sample.

A 20-ml sample is placed in a sample holder, a pH probe is positioned to a pre-set height into the liquid and the titration is started using a simple membrane keypad on the instrument. The stages of the titration and finally the VFA, alkalinity and ratio is displayed on a clear OLED display. The sample is titrated against a standard acid solution via a small peristaltic pump. The sample is stirred using a magnetic bar and a stirrer integrated into the instrument.

A significant advantage of the Logical Waste VFA analyser is the ease of use with almost no human intervention. The analysis is based on the standard Nordmann method which is used globally. If the client wishes, the analyser may be programmed to use different methods, for example the 3 point VFA titration method devised by Kapp.

Logical Waste VFA titrator

The titrator is suitable for benchtop use in a field lab environment. Provision is also made for incorporating either of the following communication protocols which allows the client to display and log VFA/alkalinity data on the plant SCADA via the HMI.

  • Modbus TCP/IP
  • Modbus Serial via USB
  • Modbus RS232/RS485

VFA trending is essential for modern AD plant operation and the simplest form of monitoring plant health and is often used as early detection method for process failures.

No more waiting for a 3-5 day external turnaround on your VFA and no more inaccurate readings from a manual titration system.

Summary of features

  • Single instrument for VFA and alkalinity analysis.
  • Optional titrimetric Ammonia analysis
  • Results displayed on easily readable OLED display
  • Results may be transferred to a plant SCADA using Modbus protocol
  • The menu may be transferred to an HMI for ease of use, i.e. if the plant lab is situated close to the control HMI, the operator loads the sample and initiates the analysis from the HMI. Results are displayed and logged on HMI and SCADA.
  • 4-digit membrane keypad;
    • Start titration
    • Advance acid
    • Calibrate pH probe
    • Reset
  • Consumables
    • pH probe (4-6 months lifespan)
    • 0.1 N H2SO4 standard solution
    • Silicone tubing for peristaltic pump (replacement 3-6 months)
  • Power: 12 VDC
  • USB jack for uploading firmware and serial communication
  • Optional extra’s:
    • Optional ethernet jack for modbus TCP/IP
    • Optional RS485, 2 wire half duplex terminal.