Binder Group gas flow measurement, gas analyzers and gas flow control equipment can found installed internationally. Binder Group has manufacturing plants in Germany and Holland.

Binder Engineering Service Companies, based in Germany, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium, France, Italy, China and Singapore, and a further world-wide network of distributors are highly specialised partner for local sales, distribution and support. Start-up support and local service ensure customer satisfaction.

Binder Group has decades of experience in the municipal wastewater treatment works sector and grown from this market segment. Beside the delivery of aeration control equipment Binder Group also offer control concepts for the biological treatment of sewage to optimize of the processes and reduce energy consumption.

A further focus is the treatment of sewage sludge and the biogas market, for which Binder Group has developed industry specific products to measure biogas flow and analyse the composition of the biogas according to the market requirements.

Binder offers a whole range of measuring and control instruments solutions for aeration air, biogas as well as all other process gases and gas mixtures:

    • Gas flow measurement
    • Gas analysis
    • Gas flow control
    • Gas flow calibration
    • Gas flow conditioning
    • Gas pressure control


Biogas Analyser

COMBIMASS® Gas Analyzer Instruments and Systems

Special and individual modular analyser systems for advanced requirements, high availability and easy service on site. The GA-s Hybrid system is utmost flexible to deliver the right set up to any individual application, e.g. agricultural anaerobic digestion, solid waste digestion, co-digestion of waste and crops, gasification, gas2grid projects, composting plants etc.)

Continuous biogas measurement is essential for biogas plants where feedstock composition varies or if the biological process requires continual monitoring. Fixed online analysers can be linked to plant SCADA systems or have their own data loggers on the unit.

The biogas analyser station COMBIMASS® GA-s Hybrid is a completely modular system with a simple and yet very effective solution for the online digester gas analysis. It is a system developed for high reliability, easy maintenance at site by the plant operator with additional expansion possibilities.

The station GA-s Hybrid permits the users a higher flexibility compared with conventional online gas analysis systems. In dry fermentation plants e.g. a “quick sampling” function can be added for the analysis of the straight open box.

A typical GA-s Hybrid cabinet contains all necessary components like various gas analysis modules, pump modules, filters and even single solenoid valves implemented in individual DIN rail modules. All basic maintenance work and replacement of gas cells can be accomplished locally by a qualified electrician.


Biogas Flow Meters

COMBIMASS® eco-bio+

Thermal flow meter for direct measurement of normal volumetric or gas mass flows with integrated humidity correction
Flow rate measurement unaffected by pressure and temperature
For gas temperature up to 130°C and gas pressure from 0.9 bara up to 1.3 bara
Compact and rugged design for exceptional reliability
Easy to install and service
Unmatched accuracy due to digital signal processing
Expandable due to modular design
EEx [ed] Zone 1 or Zone 2 optionally available


The field transmitters of the COMBIMASS®eco-bio+ series are suitable especially for biogas flow measurement. The instruments can be employed for process temperatures up to 130°C and are available in different explosion proof versions. The flow transmitters apply thermal dispersion technology in order to directly measure the normal volumetric or gas mass flow, regardless of the operating pressure and temperature of the medium.

All units of the COMBIMASS® series are characterized by high-performance digital signal processing. Important features of the transmitter electronics for the purposes of practical operation are the temperature compensation and the opportunity to select different measuring modes (choice between constant current or constant temperature principles). The flow transmitter can be combined with a wide range of different sensors of the COMBIMASS® family and assembled individually according to the specific application.

The COMBIMASS®eco bio+ flowmeter was developed specifically for the biogas/landfill gas market, which is available in two different ex-versions: for the installation in ex-zone 1 with a compact and compression-proof stainless steel housing as well as for zone 2 with a cost effective aluminium housing. The electronics of the COMBIMASS®eco-bio + zone 1 are located in a dual compartment stainless steel enclosure. For transmission of the flow signal there is an isolated 4-20 mA analogue output as well as a field selectable pulse output. Optionally a 10-digit LED display with control panel is available for both housings for the indication of actual flow rate or totalised flow as well as for field programming of the flow meter.

The COMBIMASS®eco bio+ flowmeter for the installation in biogas applications uses a 2-Pin, 12 mm diameter sensor. This sensor provides a stable signal in this humid and potentially dirty gas. The sensor head is manufactured in high-grade stainless steel and thus resistant to corrosion.

Each flow meter will be tested prior to shipment and calibrated at our CAMASS® calibration centre under actual operating conditions (piping layout, gas composition, pipe diameter, flow direction, etc).


    • Gases with methane from fermentation plants using different technologies
    • Digester gases from wastewater treatment plants
    • Landfill gas
    • Gas and gas mixtures of known composition (exhaust air, process gas, combustion gases such as methane, propane, natural gas or landfill gas) with other flowmeters from COMBIMASS® family